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Retaining trees for the benefit of

future generations

Nobody supports your trees like we do (pun intended)

We are equipped to cable and brace trees as appropriate and utilize the best cabling systems in the industry to maximize the effectiveness of installed tree supports and minimize damage inflicted during the cabling and bracing process. We recommend re-inspection of your cabling systems on a three year interval and can inspect or replace cabling on older systems as needed. 

Cabling/bracing is an excellent way to mitigate risk of failure from several common defects in many different species. It wont make your tree live longer per-se, but it can help give you some piece of mind when the wind blows hard on a winter day.

Cabling, like anything left out in the elements for many years, can wear out and fail. We recommend inspection of all cabling systems every three years. If you have old cables in a tree from many decades ago, it likely is not as strong as it once was and needs to be replaced.


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