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Prompt and economical grinding services so you can reclaim your turf

We’re a one stop shop when it comes to all of your tree needs. We have the tools necessary to complete every job start to finish all the way down to the stump. Many of our customers don’t want to look at stumps in their yard or wait for them to rot naturally. We can grind both small and large stumps and can even do light site work such as removal of the grindings, bringing in fill, and seeding the ground out area. Most customers choose the “grind and go” option where we grind the stumps and leave the grindings, as the grindings are decent mulch in a garden or a good substrate for things like rasberries and blackberries.

We utilize a Bandit SG40 grinder which has a grinding width of 48″ and a cutting depth of 12″ below grade. This grinder can fit through a 30″ gate so we can reach those large stumps in difficult to access backyards!

High Praise From Our Clients

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