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Protecting Your Investment

One Tree At A Time

Experienced, fast, and safe tree removal throughout central Maine

Our services include:

Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Cabling and Bracing, Tree Risk Assessment, Emergency Tree Removal, Pesticide Injections for Common Tree Pests, and Stump Grinding

We are a full service tree care company located in Milford, ME that can handle anything from basic pruning and removals to large scale risk assessments and right-of-way solutions and almost anything inbetween. If you have a project that needs the most effective and efficient solution possible we’re here for you. We stay up to date with emerging industry technology and add to our portfolio of capabilities as customer needs dictate. 

The first question most of our customers want answered is “How much does it cost to cut my tree down?”. The answer is always “it depends”. When we bid jobs we take into account every factor we can identify as being crucial to safe completion of your work. Things that impact how much it can cost to cut a tree down include condition of the tree, structures, septic systems, utility lines, slopes, sensitive turf, plantings, access for equipment, and property lines, to name only a few. Because there are so many factors to consider, we need to give an in person quote for all work, and highly recommend someone be on site for that meeting so we can make sure everybody is on the same page and all questions are answered.

The take away from this meeting is a clear understanding of the scope of work outlined in a written quote, and confidence that we are prioritizing the safety of our employees and your property.

Many customers are surprised to hear us advocate for saving a tree they were sure needed to come down. This is because we realize that trees can have many benefits if they don’t pose an immediate risk to safety. Once a tree has been cut down, all the benefits that come with it are lost, and normally those benefits won’t be replaced in our lifetimes. The best thing we can do as professional arborists is help customers retain trees they value that somebody less scrupulous would have cut down without thinking about their benefits.

Quotes are free, schedule today to see what we have to offer!


High Praise From Our Clients

Here are a few of the testimonials from people who have worked with us

Protecting Your Investment

One Tree At A Time

Experienced, fast, and safe tree removal throughout Central Maine